Founders Story

The Group’s inception can be traced back to 2019 when the Company was established with the aim of delivering cutting-edge digital transformation solutions to businesses across various sectors. As the Internet Age matured, companies at all levels of the economy found themselves grappling with the challenge of effectively integrating technology into their business models. The founders identified this critical need and positioned their new venture to address space.

The founders were Rosario Troise (Omnitelltech) and Simone Zanetti (Rainmakers.Cafe) together with Ebrahim Laher and Zaid Vally who were the founding investors in the new venture. Rosario left the business in 2020 to pursue new interests in Italy but set the foundation for much of the business as it is today. Simone is a serial entrepreneur and stayed on until 2022 before embarking on a successful career as an IT Evangelist and Trainer in South Africa. Ebrahim has a 30 year career working in the IT industry and has set up many new businesses and practices that have gone on to meet the test of time. Zaid is a Practicing Attorney in South Africa and has been involved in a number of start ups in his career.

Ebrahim today consults from the UAE externally to many companies on Digital Innovation and preparing companies for the digital age. To drive the company’s vision forward and develop offerings that empower customers to harness the power of technology, a formidable leadership team led by Marco Marangoni was brought on board in 2019. Their expertise and strategic guidance have been instrumental in shaping the Group’s trajectory. Marco has had a long career in enterprise management solutions having worked for many multinationals and run large organisations both in Europe and Latin America. Marco has been CEO since 2020. He has built the strategy of the group and assembled a team of IT entrepreneurs that today drive WPTG globally. From 2019 onwards, companies hailing from Africa, Asia, the Middle East, and Latin America began joining forces with the Group through equity swaps, culminating in the formation of the present-day White Pearl Technology Group. This period was marked by significant merger and acquisition activity, as well as business restructuring along various lines of business, further strengthening the Group’s position in the market.

The Global COVID pandemic in 2020 served as a testament to the resilience and relevance of the Group’s business model. As technology-driven work arrangements, such as Work From Home (WFH), became mainstream, it became evident that technology was no longer merely an enabler, but rather a core component of modern business operations In 2022, the Group’s management set in motion plans for listing on a stock exchange. After thorough consultations and careful consideration, Sweden was identified as the ideal market for the Group to list, given the country’s tech-savvy ecosystem and conducive climate for technology companies. This strategic move came to fruition in June 2023, when the Group successfully listed on Nasdaq First North, marking a significant milestone in its growth journey.