White Pearl Technology Group partnered up with investor community TradeVenue

Investors can now follow the company’s journey on the First North Growth Market in Stockholm that took off on the 29[th] of June 2023. TradeVenue, managed by FairValue, monitors listed companies with regularity; its experts and analytics have an ear to the ground in the Swedish market and long reach in the national community of more than 300 000 investors.

White Pearl Technology Group is an international IT-service provider company group with a global presence in thirty countries. The partnership with TradeVenue represents an opportunity to follow the WPTG share in a Swedish context.

“We value our close to 7000 shareholders in Sweden, and we are of course, communicating with them in our own channels. TradeVenue, however, provides its unique perspective on important company events and writes about the WPTG Share from an investor’s perspective,” says Marco Marangoni, CEO of White Pearl Technology Group.

The company presentation is continuously updated and communicated on a regular basis in all FairValue’s channels.

“We are delighted to announce the inclusion of White Pearl Technology Group on our platform, a unique IT company with a strong presence in the world’s most rapidly expanding and dynamic regions. As a part of TradeVenue, stakeholders of White Pearl Tech will benefit from a wide array of IR services. These services encompass comprehensive analytical coverage, insightful comments aimed at aiding investors in identifying key highlights from press releases and other corporate activities, and the opportunity to foster robust connections with contemporary investor networks on forums and social media platforms.” Says Mattias Folkesson, CEO at FairValue. 

The information was submitted for publication, through the contact person set out below, at 11.30 CEST on 4th of July 2023. 

För ytterligare information, vänligen kontakta:

Marco Marangoni, VD, White Pearl Technology Group

E-mail: [email protected], Telefon: +598 93 370 044

Jenny Öijermark, IR-Manger, White Pearl Technology Group, 

E-mail: [email protected], Telefon +46 0707 340 804

Certified Adviser The Company’s Certified Adviser is North Point Securities AB.

About TradeVenue

TradeVenue serves as a meeting point for investors and listed companies. With the aim of becoming a central hub for experienced and novice stockholders alike, TradeVenue strives to create a cluster of the most up-to-date analyses and stock news.

About White Pearl Technology Group

White Pearl Technology Group comprises 28 companies, operating in the information technology space. They are diversified IT companies selling their own solutions and products as well as services and products of third-party vendors. The group has a presence in thirty countries throughout the world. The current focus of the group’s business is emerging markets and specifically Africa, Asia, Middle East, and to a lesser extent Latin America.