Products & Services

Products & Services

Our range of services and solutions are designed to see any company transforming their business into a modern and profitable digital firm.


Originals encompasses solutions developed by White Pearl and partners. This collection of customer driven technologies is part of the White Pearl intellectual property arsenal.


Our Digital cluster is focused on empowering businesses through developing and distributing fit-for-use digital solutions.

Global Delivery Network

Our strength is in our network of partners, vendors and resellers. We can cover any technology in any market.

Vendor Services

We partner with key vendors around the world to complement our technologies and offer our clients a comprehensive turnkey solution.

Our range of services and solutions are designed to see any company transforming their business into a modern and profitable digital firm.


Under the banner of "Originals," we proudly present a remarkable array of solutions that have been meticulously developed by White Pearl and our esteemed partners. This curated collection of customer-driven technologies represents a significant part of the White Pearl intellectual property arsenal, reflecting our dedication to innovation and delivering cutting-edge solutions to meet the evolving needs of businesses.


Our dedicated Digital cluster is passionately committed to empowering businesses across industries. Through intensive research, development, and collaboration, we create and distribute digital solutions that are tailored to meet the specific requirements of modern enterprises. Our aim is to provide businesses with the tools and capabilities needed to embrace the digital age and unlock new opportunities for growth and success.

Global Delivery Network

One of our key strengths lies in our extensive Global Delivery Network, which serves as the backbone of our operations. We have forged strong partnerships with a wide network of trusted and reliable partners, vendors, and resellers. This network, spanning across various regions and markets, allows us to provide comprehensive coverage and support for any technology requirement, ensuring that we can effectively cater to the diverse needs of our clients, regardless of their industry or location.

Vendor Services

In order to offer our clients a comprehensive turnkey solution, we actively collaborate with key vendors from around the world. These strategic partnerships enable us to augment our own technologies with best-in-class solutions from leading industry providers. By leveraging the collective expertise and resources of our vendor partners, we deliver a holistic offering that addresses the unique challenges and demands of our clients. Through this collaborative approach, we strive to provide seamless and integrated solutions that drive business growth and success.

Whether you are seeking to embark on a digital transformation journey, require tailored digital solutions, or need a trusted partner to support your technology needs, we are here to assist you every step of the way. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions or to explore how our services can help propel your company into the digital future.

Addressable Market

Global systems integration market – 50 percent of group revenue.

The group provides services in assisting customers implement ERP solutions to manage and run their business operations ranging from finance, manufacturing, warehouse management, human capital management through to customer relationship management.

IT Services Market – 25 percent of group revenue.

Ranges from cloud hosting services, security services, network and desktop support all the way to complex services related to managing IT infrastructure in a customer’s business.

Business software market – 20 percent of group revenue.

Group companies have reseller rights to third party software solutions, such as Convene – Boardroom and board meeting management solution and Payspace – Payroll solution and have also developed solutions tailored to address specific business and industry requirements.

Computer hardware market – 5 percent of group revenue.

The group sells hardware infrastructure to customers to enable their ICT technology solutions.

Revenue model.

Subscription products & services.

SAAS (Software as a Service), PAAS (Platform as Service) and all the group’s potential solutions and services can be part of a monthly subscription model.

Annuity products & solutions.

The group’s revenue from resales of licences from third party vendors (such as SAP, Oracle, Infor, Microsoft), depending on the specific products or solutions the group is selling, generally stem from annualpayments by the customer.

Managed services.

The group offers a wide range of technical services to manage the critical sectors of a customer’s company. The group offers an all-in-one service which can replace the same need for the customer’s internal resources.

Reseller & channel network.

The group’s reseller network is the group’s first point of presence and sales in areas where it is not directly present, and is as such considered an opportunity to open new markets.

Hybrid models.

The group can build a custom proposal based on the above revenue
models and offer new concepts such as a fee on the customers’
transactions or other indicators.