Navigating Rising Wages and Delivering Localised Success

Navigating Rising Wages and Delivering Localised Success

Like many technology providers, White Pearl Technology Group AB has been closely monitoring rising wage inflation and talent attrition in major delivery hubs like India. However, we’ve been able to mitigate the impact through our globally diversified delivery model.

With delivery centres and technologists spread across 30+ countries worldwide, White Pearl Technology Group AB can tap into skilled talent based on competencies and affordability. As wages rise in markets like India, we dynamically optimise our resourcing by leveraging high-quality technology experts from other cost-efficient locations including Egypt, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Latin America etc.

This global approach provides access to a massive pool of world-class technology skills. At the same time, our significant onshore presence in each region allows us to maintain deep customer intimacy through local account management, industry expertise, and contextual delivery capabilities.

Our blended onshore-offshore model ensures we deliver both cost optimisation and localisation. Clients gain responsive account teams coupled with access to White Pearl’s worldwide competencies and solutions.

As our CEO Marco Marangoni noted, “Our global delivery footprint future-proofs our margins while enabling tailored regional support as we grow across markets.”

The results speak for themselves – over the last year, White Pearl Technology Group AB has successfully mitigated rising wage inflation in India while expanding its global client footprint. Our diversified talent strategy underpins a resilient operating model primed for the dynamic business climate.

Does your technology provider offer both localised proximity and worldwide talent leverage? If not, it may be time to explore a globally diversified partner like White Pearl Technology Group AB positioned to deliver both cost and localisation advantages.