WhitePearl Strengthens MEA Presence with New Egypt Delivery Centre

WhitePearl, a leading global provider of SAP and other enterprise solutions, recently announced the opening of a new delivery centre in Cairo, Egypt. Spearheaded by WhitePearl CEO Marco Marangoni, this strategic investment aims to expand the company’s capabilities in the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region.

Accelerating SAP and Moshtariat Implementations

A key focus of the new Cairo centre will be delivering implementations of SAP solutions and WhitePearl’s proprietary Moshtariat construction management software rapidly and efficiently for regional clients.

According to Marangoni, “Having local consultants and developers with specialist expertise in these solutions will allow us to accelerate project timelines and provide better support for customers in nearby geographies.”

By building out skilled teams versed in SAP and Moshtariat, WhitePearl can tap into the demand for these solutions across the MEA region more effectively. The onshore presence enables faster turnaround on implementations, customisations, testing and post-go-live support.

Spurring Technology Innovation

In addition to delivery, Marangoni notes that the Cairo centre will serve as a hub for innovation by working with Egyptian universities and start-ups.

“Through collaborations with the vibrant technology ecosystem in Egypt, we aim to identify promising solutions with the potential to complement our offerings in emerging technologies,” stated Marangoni.

The delivery centre will devote resources to exploring opportunities in areas like AI, machine learning, blockchain and the Internet of Things. By driving innovation in these next-gen technologies and partnering with local enterprises, WhitePearl seeks to develop new solutions that can be scaled globally.

Enabling Egyptian Talent and IT Leadership

Marangoni added that by investing sustainably in Egypt, WhitePearl wants to “cultivate exceptional IT talent, enhance the nation’s skills pool, and play a role in developing Egypt as a leader in the global technology landscape.”

The company plans to hire and train local graduates and professionals to build expertise in SAP and other enterprise technologies. This focus on enabling talent helps WhitePearl while also boosting Egypt’s proposition as a regional IT delivery hub.

In summary, the new Cairo centre allows WhitePearl to tap into Egypt’s strengths, drive growth in enterprise solutions, spur technology innovation through local partners, and develop regional tech leadership. As Marangoni summarized, “This represents a commitment to our clients and Egypt’s burgeoning technology sector.”